Future Exhibition in 2019

Amateur Radios Contribution to the Development of Wireless Communication since 1900


Sponsored and co-ordinated by the WA VHF Group Inc. in conjunction with the Wireless Hill Museum, Ardross WA.

This is an invitation to be a part of this showcase to Wireless Technology and Amateur Radio set to open in 2019.

If you have or find any item that can be used, loaned or acquired that illustrates a stage or event in the development of wireless communications since 1900, especially in Amateur Radio we would like people to register those items below. Any item that is technically unique, or World Record breaking is particularly wanted.

Items can include photos or documents, QSL’s, logs and extracts, oral recordings, written histories, and recollections. The exibition will be professionally curated under the auspices of the Wireless Hill Museums and relevant Acts & international protocols. Any loaned or donated items will be properly documented in a written agreement, and any items on display will have due acknowledgement.

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