2015 Aug Talk - Grounding Systems

Terry, VK6ZLT gave another lively talk, this one on grounding in the ham stack. He took us through several scenarios of what to do and what not to do, with great emphasis on an accumulation of small faults add up to big RFI, for example ground loops.
The main reference came from Grounding Systems in the Ham Stack, reproduced from http://kc.flex-radio.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50426.aspx
Bob, VK6PO also gave instruction on how to properly gather up an electrical cable. This may seem a simple job to over-look, but twisted electrical cable can fray and expose live-wires. Tie a piece of cord or velcro at the male socket end, so you have something to tie the cable together at the end. Then start at the female socket end, and coil the cable with a under, then over hand movement, so that the cable is coiled one way, then coiled in the reverse way. Tie the coil off with the cord or velcro, then pat yourself on the back, good job.

Beacon upgrade

We are proud to provide the largest collection of terrestrial propagation beacons in Western Australia.   Recent activity throughout the Amateur World has focused on improving beacon utility through improved frequency stability and informational content.   This is especially relevant to those with DX and other weak signal interests.
Read more on this site about the efforts of the WA VHF Group in upgrading our beacons.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM for the WAVHF Group took place on 22nd September in the meeting room adjacent to our Wireless Hill Shack.   Accounts were presented and office bearers (re)elected.

Congratulations to Tom Berg VK6ZAF as President, Graeme Down VK6LV as Secretary / Treasurer.   Five Committee postions were filled being Terry, VK6ZLT, Steve VK6BBM, Graham VK6FGMC, Rick VK6XLR and Denis VK6FADF.   Musem rep. Bob VK6KW, Trustees Wally VK6KZ and Bob VK6PO.   To formalise our beacon upgrade a sub-committee was formed comprising Denis VK6FADF, Tom VK6ZAF, Bob VK6KW and Terry VK76ZLT.